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Steps To Get A Top Google Ranking Guaranteed

Posted on September 20, 2022 by Young Magnan

Google returns more serp's then any internet search engine. Clearly when you can get yourself a Top Ranking in Google you'll drive highly targeted prospects to your online page.

Keyword Rich Content

You desire to create a WEBSITE with keyword Rich content, AN EXCELLENT guideline is work with a 3 to 5 Percent Keyword Density. When you have 300 Words on your own Web, Your keyword should appear 9 to 15 times.

Search Engine Friendly Title

Your KEYWORD should appear once in your Title. Your Title should appear as near to the top of one's page as you possibly can. Your Title ought to be enclosed in H1 Tags. Your Title also needs to come in the title METATAG. Because the first line beneath the head tag.

Search Engine Friendly Description

Your KEYWORD should appear at least one time in your description. Your Description should accurately reflect the page contents. Your Description should come in the Description METATAG. Your Description METATAG should mimic text found somewhere in the initial or perhaps 2nd paragraph in your online Page


You want your Title and Description to be Unique for every Web Page on your own web Site. You need your articles to be unique for every web page on your own web site. If you are using OPC (Other Peoples Content) take action to create your page unique. Put in a paragraph before telling why you used this content. Put in a paragraph or 2 with useful tips about how to utilize the content. Put in a Tip or 2 of your.

Related pages

Google doesn't want your online page to function as only Ship in the ocean. Google can look at other pages on your own site and see if they're related. Should you have 20 WEBPAGES talking about decorating and only 1 website discussing nuclear physics Google won't list your nuclear physics page high regardless of how you do another steps

Google Sitemap

Create and submit a Google Sitemap

Back Links

Back Links are sites that connect to you without you linking in their mind. Here are a few good solutions to get backlinks

  • Submit Articles
  • Post to Newsgroups
  • Post to Forums
  • Add Comments to a Blog
  • Give Testimonials
  • Buy Text Ads
  • Circular Linking
  • Ask for them
  • .