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Search Engine Optimization, Will Google Remain King?

Posted on February 23, 2024 by Young Magnan

It is amazing how Google is becoming this godlike oracle to numerous webmasters and Internet search engine optimizers.

If there's an update or rumor of a big change in the internet search engine algorithm a shock wave is felt through the entire respective SEO communities. Revenues will ebb and flow just like the changing tides on an ocean shore.

Dropping from page 1 in the Google INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE for the targeted keywords or key phrase could be a cataclysmic event.

Google has many rules and guidelines regarding the most convenient way to optimize your site to fit with their codes.

To have the wrath of the mighty Google search god your site can exiled right into a toxic wasteland to never get a page view.

There is really a term used my many who inhabit the search engine marketing field in regards to a Google sandbox.

This is one sand box your or your clients website will not desire to play in. Theoretically in the event that you add way too many links to your internet site, in too short an interval you will end up put into Google's penalty or sandbox. In the event that you inhabit the unfriendly confines of the Sandbox, your keyphrases and keywords will undoubtedly be a huge selection of pages deep browsing engines. The terms or phrases are then basically rendered useless. Over time of 6 months or greater your site may emerge from the sandbox and begin to climb in rankings

Google may be the search king now, but because the internet search engine world evolves we will have if they could be dethroned.