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Bon Contenu : La Clé Du Classement Des Moteurs De Recherche

Posté le Août 13, 2020 par Young Magnan

What drives visitors to your site and keeps them there? Superior content.

Content is Key

Great content is key to website promotion success. All of the bells and whistles in the world won't hold an audience like compelling information. Ask yourself: Why would a visitor stay at my site? What are they searching for? What do I have that they want? What holds them there once I've got them visiting? You need to tell your story in a manner that will keep your customers interested and coming back for more.

Get People Visitors

The first part of the procedure is getting traffic to your website through search engine marketing and other traditional advertising methods. As you increase your visibility, more visitors will come to see what the commotion is all about.

Keep Those Visitors

The next part of the process is keeping them there. If you provide quality information that's easy to access, you're giving the visitor what they're looking for. Do not give your customers a reason to click away. Quality content means happy visitors, and with enough happy visitors, you become an"authority" in your subject. Having a website recognized as an authority means good ranking in the search engines.

Know Your Audience

So how do you get your customers to stay on your website, and to return to it? First, you will need to understand your audience. Who are you trying to achieve? Create your pages with them in mind. Do you wish to reach a narrow audience, or are you going to attempt to reach all levels of readers? Buzz words may make sense to you in your business, but will they reach your intended audience? If you're a high-powered underwater basketweaving adviser, focused only on serious underwater basketweavers, you can keep the conversation on your site rather technical. If, however, you really need to spread the joy of underwater basketweaving to a broader audience, you might want to keep the tone more general, giving beginners to underwater basketweaving the information they need to become as enthralled by basketweaving as you are.

Get Your Visitors Involved

So what sort of content do you will need to provide for your customers? For those who have a site selling gardening books, you'll have lists of the names you've got for sale, an order form, and contact details. Everybody else selling gardening books will have these pages also. How can you rise above the crowd? How can you stand out as the gardening gardening book site?

Write Articles

One technique which you can use to great effect is that of writing articles pertaining to your website's topic. After all, who knows more about gardening and gardening books than you? Not only does this give your visitors another reason to return to your website, but in addition, it permits you to reach out beyond your website. There are a number of other websites out there searching for authoritative information on your topic. Locate those sites and submit your articles to them. This makes a"win-win" scenario: another website increases the benefit of your knowledge, as you're further recognized as an authority in the area. Getting a link from that site back to yours brings more traffic to your website, and increases your site's link popularity.

Maintaining a record of articles on your website builds your knowledge base. You can refer people to your articles when answering their queries. People trying to find information on the topics you've written about will find your articles listed in their search results. As soon as they arrive at your site, maybe they will buy something from you: if you understand so much about planting bulbs, maybe your website is the place I need to buy my bulb-planting books.

Other Offerings

What else would you add to the mix? Consider adding skilled gardening book reviews, a gardening book club, FAQ's about gardening, gardening articles, a rating system for books, audience book reviews, and other gardening-related topics. Adding this sort of information gives your customers more reasons to return to your website. Provide free tools, create a forum. Set up a newsletter to your audience with your topic, adding in a discount to your product for newsletter readers. Give your viewers a reason to come back to your site.


Maintaining good content is a stepping-stone for your customers to delve in deeper into your site. Taking the time to build your content and provide to your audience will pay off in great search engine ranking and returning visitors.